Statement About Accessibility

Corebridge Direct Insurance Services, Inc. (Corebridge Direct) is committed to providing excellent service to all our customers and potential customers. We strive to offer goods and services to those with disabilities in a manner that respects their dignity and independence.  We also are actively incorporating accessibility practices to ensure that our website and our digital content is accessible and remains accessible.

Corebridge strives to provide equal digital access and usability so that no individuals with disabilities are excluded, denied services, segregated, or otherwise treated differently because of their disability.

Corebridge has based our web accessibility standards on the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level A + AA success criteria. Information about these guidelines can be found here: These guidelines are not regulations and thus they can be difficult to apply, but Corebridge has taken considerable steps to achieve substantial compliance. Access assistance information is included near the end of this statement for any person who needs further assistance in engaging with the website.

Corebridge views accessibility as an ongoing effort and is continually seeking new solutions that will provide an inclusive experience to all users, regardless of ability. Current efforts include:

  • Launched Accessibility Program Office with a focus on digital accessibility
  • Dedicated funding to ensure content is usable by all
  • Corebridge vision, values, and goals that align to inclusiveness
  • Internal policies that address accessibility
  • Periodic scanning and testing of digital content
  • Team attendance at accessibility related technology forums
  • Membership with Disability:IN (
  • Seeking ways to improve the accessibility and usability of our sites

Digital accessibility is a core concern for us during digital content design and development. Towards that goal, we have engaged the services of an industry leading accessibility consulting organization to ensure that Corebridge Direct digital content remains on the forefront of digital accessibility and accessibility technology changes.

For the best experience, Corebridge recommends that you help by keeping your technology up to date with the latest version of your web browser, latest version of your assistive technology software/hardware, and smartphone applications that utilize built-in accessibility features on Android and iOS.

We are constantly improving our digital content. If you encounter an accessibility issue, please use the channels below to communicate this issue to us so that we may resolve it for you.

For questions on accessibility or technical accessibility issues, contact our support team at the phone number below. For those with hearing -disabilities or unable to use voice channels, please contact us via 1-800-248-2542.

Note: Questions regarding Corebridge products or services should be addressed to the appropriate Corebridge business. In order to maintain your privacy, please do not include an account number, social security number or other personal confidential information in your email message.

Last Update Notice
December 20, 2021